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Disgusting Video of Golden Corral Shows Meat Left Out by the Dumpster, Employee Warns “I Would Not Eat This Stuff”

Golden Corral dumpster video food


According to the employee making the video Golden Corral was getting ready for an inspection and left the raw meat out by the dumpster till the inspection was over. He also states that he may loose his job over making the video. Honesty is the policy but not in the business world unfortunately.

Decapitated referee: Graphic video of ref’s dismemberment used to net suspect

And I thought it was bad when the Lakers hit the playoffs! GEEZ!

A decapitated referee, whose head was staked in the middle of a soccer field by angry soccer fans, is the latest victim in violence around this sport in Brazil. The decapitated referee incident was video taped by several people at this amateur soccer game, in which the referee was first stoned and his limbs dismembered. This barbaric violence happening in a country preparing for Brazil’s World Cup, according to Yahoo News on July 7, 2013.

Referee Octavio de Silva expelled player Josenir dos Santos Abreu from the game. When Santos refused to leave, a fist fight started. This is when de Silva pulled out a knife and reportedly stabbed the player several times. Santos died on the way to the hospital from the stab wounds. This killing angered friends and family of Santos and they along with other soccer fans emerged into a uncontrollable mob.

The mob stormed the field tying up de Silva then torturing and stoning him to death. They dismembered his limbs and decapitated the referee. Someone took the severed head and placed it on a stake in the middle of the soccer field. This mob lynching was captured on cell phone videos by onlookers, those videos have started to surface online.

Police will use these videos to try to identify the people involved in the killing and beheading of the referee.The videos made their way to social networks, this is how police have identified one suspect so far, who was taken into police custody. Luis Sousa Moraes is just one of the suspects that police were able to identify by viewing the graphic videos. There are others, but so far it is just Moraes who’s been identified.

Videos: One of the cell phone videos, which is gruesomely graphic, has been released on This video shows the blood soaked suspects who just finished dismembering the referee. The remains of the referee are also seen in this video, the video can be seen here.

The video offers a quick clip of the decapitated referee, who is shown with his dismembered limbs on the ground next to the torso. Another shot in this video shows the emergency attendants placing the decapitated head of the referee back onto the neck of the body as they transport the remains of the man. These are not videos for the faint of heart. Most people will find these very disturbing.

With the influx of people from around the world expected for Brazil’s World Cup, this incident must be very concerning for Brazil’s government. A statement released by Valter Costa, police chief in Maranhao reports this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated. Costa said:

“Reports of witnesses have indicated some people that were in place at the time of the fact. We will identify and hold accountable all those involved. A crime will never justify another. Actions like this do not collaborate with the legality of a state law.”

This is Pretty Funny…

Stunning footage shows attacking bullfrog’s epic fail versus dragonfly

Photographer says he captured the extraordinary scene by accident

April 08, 2013 by

The New York Times recently published a story about dragonflies and how prolific the flying insects are as hunters. But what probably stood out for most readers was the jaw-dropping footage used to illustrate the piece–notably the super-slow-motion footage showing a spotted skimmer dragonfly evading a predatory leaping frog (watch as the frog believes it has scored an easy meal, only to fall into the water empty-handed).

We asked Dr. Andrew Mountcastle, the Harvard researcher who captured the footage, to share a few details about his photo session and he confessed that he chronicled the event by accident while at a city park in Seattle, filming for a project featuring insect flight.

“Eight spotted skimmers frequently hunt from perches on twigs and rocks near water, so I had focused my camera on one such perch to try to capture take-off and landing sequences,” Mountcastle explained. “As I was waiting for the dragonfly to take off, I briefly looked away, at which point I heard a splash in the water. When I looked back at the perch, the dragonfly was gone and the water underneath the perch was disturbed.

“But fortunately the camera had recorded the entire event. It wasn’t until I reviewed the video that I saw the frog had stolen the scene.”

New research, according to the New York Times, suggests that dragonflies “may well be the most brutally effective hunters in the animal kingdom.”

For example, they manage to snare prey items–flies and mosquitoes, etc.–in midair at an astonishing 95 percent success rate.

Furthermore, they’re surprisingly voracious. Stacey Combes, another Harvard researcher, once watched a dragonfly consume 30 flies in a row.

Their adeptness stems from their ability to calculate a trajectory to intercept their prey, and to adjust that trajectory as needed.

Clearly, judging by the footage, they’re masters of evasion as well.

–To view more of Mountcastle’s movie clips, visit his website

Adam Sadowsky engineers a viral music video

The band “OK Go” dreamed up the idea of a massive Rube Goldberg machine for their next music video — and Adam Sadowsky’s team was charged with building it. He tells the story of the effort and engineering behind their labyrinthine creation that quickly became a YouTube sensation. (Filmed at TEDxUSC.)

As the president of Syyn Labs, Adam Sadowsky merges art and technology to create interactive projects big and small.