Do You Know the Story of Gentleman Jack? NEW BOOK!

An exciting new release involving a new theory about, Jack the Ripper!

A young lady traveling alone in modern London. A chance encounter with an older gentleman. What follows is a conversation about the most famous murderer in history, Jack the Ripper!

This short story is an entertaining and fascinating journey through the crimes and the mind of a killer. Although this story is a work of fiction, the crimes and details of the Jack the Ripper case are historically accurate. And it serves as a way to present an original and very terrifying new theory as to who could have committed these ghastly crimes and why. Delving into the crimes, the methods, and the reason Jack the Ripper was never caught the author lays out the new theory and the psychological make up of the legendary villain.

With reproductions of newspaper clippings from the period and even the infamous ” From Hell” letter this book is a must for any mystery fan, true crime buff, and all those who are still fascinated by the legend of Jack the Ripper.

To visit the publication sire : CLICK HERE

Jack the ripper new theory serial killer


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